tenderness & gentleness: let's talk about sex

"I slept with him last night."

"You did?!"

"Yeah. It's not that big of a deal. It's just sex."

A common exchange among friends in high school hallways, work places and social gatherings. Nowadays sex is "no big deal."

With this apathetic view on sex we feel more enlightened. We are finally sophisticated, we think, because we can disassociate sex with feelings. But is this really a good thing?

When God created sex he made it to be a wonderful thing. Sex brings not only pleasure, but a bond. Through it life is created. From it a symbol of unity is stated. Victor Hugo said "physical union serves to consummate the union of souls." But this definition of sex is a harsh contrast from the contemporary world's.

--> In a magazine geared to teenage girls a questionnaire was given. This quiz was titled "Are you ready to have sex?" and beneath the title were some questions that told you whether or not you were "sophisticated" or "mature enough" to handle sex. One of the questions asked if you were emotionally giving yourself to this man. If so, you are not ready. It claimed that only when you are mature enough to put your emotions in one corner and your sex life in another are you ready to "do the deed."

Please read Max Dubinsky's perspective on this and let it wreck you. You can find it here.

 Why are we cheapening sex? Why do we make it seem like just something to do rather than a beautiful encounter between lovers? An act that creates trust, dependence and unity between two? 

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