prudence & care: let's talk about men

I am not going to beat this topic over the head. I discuss it a lot. Many books discuss it a lot. Your mom likely discusses it a lot. You know that prudence in this arena is beneficial to you (so why does that bad boy look so attractive?). You know what you should do---who you should and should not accept dates from---so I am going to simply brief over some lessons I have learned or obtained from wise women who have been on a date or two in their time. You ready? Let's go!

If he can't carry a conversation in person, ditch him.

If he opens the door for you, thank him.

He should pay. End of story. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts.

How he treats his mom, sisters, grandmother is likely a reflection of how he will treat you once the honeymoon phase wears off, so be observant.

If he makes perverse jokes in front of you, ditch him.

If he admits to watching porn or watches it in front of you and shows no remorse, move on.*

If he does not respect boundaries, ditch him.

If you are his life then move on. You want a guy with stuff going on outside of you. No one can handle the pressure of being someone's "everything" all the time.

If he gets mad about your weekly girl's night and begs you to stay with him each week, move on.

If he does not love, serve and seek Jesus, pack up and leave.

*This is a touchy subject. When your guy admits to watching porn your fragile heart feels broken. Insecurity, jealousy and confusion wells up. Watching porn is a sin, so he is not off the hook but if he shows remorse for his addiction you may, through prayer and counseling, find yourself forgiving him and taking up arms against this battle. BUT if he is okay with porn then please. move. on.

Do you have any more tips? Have any of these little nuggets of truth helped you in past experience?

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