grace & eloquence: final thoughts

This week's reads on grace and eloquence is coming to a close. We have learned deep truths about the power of speech and how we best use our words.

--> The crux of why it is so important to develop eloquence in the feminine heart is this: women, just as men, by nature, are relational beings. And words are what helps form relationships, therefore the words we pick to say should not be taken lightly. I recently got the chance to hear Bob Goff speak. He told a story of how he received a phone call a week prior from a woman who had a tumor in her brain which, thankfully, could be removed, but the removal would take away her ability to speak. She had only four more days on this earth of being able to audibly speak to her husband, children, friends, neighbors. He noted that if he had to deal with this he would likely say all he could until the moment the surgeons put him under. She disagreed, though. She said that she had spoken very little, choosing carefully what she would and would not say.

Please join me, my friends, in striving to say words with godly discernment, selfless kindness and thoughtful honesty. Let us learn new words and use them. Let us encourage selflessly, not letting our own insecurity or jealousy slip in. May we use our words to enrich conversation and bring life and beauty to those around us.

And, as a quick side note, we will be discussing prudence when it comes to the media we take in later on in this series, but here is a perfect opportunity to use such judgement. As the saying goes, we are the books we read and people we surround ourselves with. Yes that reality TV show with snobby, self-centered stars may seem harmless enough but you become what you consistently subject yourself to. Choose entertainment that will benefit, not tear down. Books are a perfect way to expand our vocabulary, whilst being entertained (of course, still here we must use prudence) so begin a book club with some friends, join a library, grab your favorite Jane Austen novel or read a poem by Tennyson and sip some coffee as you dive deep into the richness of the language used. There are many worthwhile films out there in which the actors script is eloquent, tasteful and all the while charming and humorous. Seek such films out. Choose your music wisely, too. If
you sing songs void of meaning and thoughtfulness your mind will be full of such things. Cultivating eloquence takes time and effort, so don't lose heart and speak (thoughtfully!) on. 

Please follow along with the series on femininity and leave your comments below. Next week we will be discussing tenderness and gentleness. Have a fabulous weekend!

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