a series on femininity... you in?

Long have I been intrigued in what biblical masculinity and biblical femininity looks like. The hours I have spent reading, researching and discussing these two distinct roles are enumerable. Yet, in an era where claiming gender differences seems to be voodoo I know that this post, along with the posts that will follow, may not be received well by some parties.

In light of opposition I could slump my shoulders, put my head down like good 'ol Charlie Brown, and simply relinquish my voice in effort to maintain tolerance. But tolerance, when it comes to what is true and what is false, is not beneficial for you, me and society as a whole.

The fact of the matter is gender differences are apparent between the male and the female. From the beginning of time when God destined humanity with its lot there are distinct struggles man will face and very different struggles woman will face. There are differences and to deny them can only rise to destruction of morals (which is becoming blatantly obvious when we look at American society).

Many will claim that men are the same as women. They will claim that, in light of this, there should be no differences in how a man treats a woman compared to another man. But alas, the safety of women and men has ridden for centuries on the wave of gender differences.

Without the distinction that women are, in general, physically weaker than their male counterpart, men feel they can be rough---to the extent of criminal actions such as rape---with these women who are "no different than men." Without the distinction that women are generally more relational than men, men feel no push to develop genuine relationships with women. Why should they? If women are the same as men (in this case, enjoy physical pleasure more than relational pleasure) men can just hook up with whichever broad he wants without feeling tied down or the need for conversation. When men do not realize that they are called to be the head of the home, to defend and protect their family, children grow up without fathers (which, through much research, has proven to reap emotional insecurity in the child causing them to turn to unhealthy activities). When men no longer deem it their responsibility to uphold a woman's honor they plummet to moral chaos. When men are told they are nothing but sex-crazy cavemen they respond to these assumptions, living out this I-can't-help-these-inclinations-I-have, display actions void of self-control, thrusting themselves on every girl with a pulse.

So, going off the small foundation I have laid I am going to venture into a four-part post on what a few aspects of biblical femininity looks like. These are treacherous waters, full of controversial bits and pieces, loaded with beliefs contrary to popular belief. But I prayerfully am making this voyage, hoping that through it glimpses of truth will be seen and a bucket load of grace will be given as you and I navigate along this journey. 

In order to maintain regularity (and not bombard your brain with too much in too short a time) each post will be posted on Monday (that's a month long series, starting this coming Monday). Please check back if you would like.

Perhaps all readers will agree with my beliefs and, if so, lovely! But if you do not agree and choose to respond in the comment section below please be respectful. These are all my thoughts on this little place of the Internet. We both have freedom of speech, but we are also both free to use that right gracefully. In other words, let's have a bit of class. Sound good? See ya Monday!

image: beeslikehoney.tumblr.com