simple things.

the craving for simple joys and pleasures are something most of us long for. or at least we say we do. but what exactly qualifies as simple? and how much simple do we need to feel content?

i do not know all the answers but i do know this: authentic community is vital to us thriving in this life.

give me all the money, fame, power and beauty in the world and i may be satisfied for some time. but inevitably i will begin to ask that all-changing question: is there more than this?

for on our hearts is the desire and need for relationships---with our maker, with our community.

let your soul grow to love, appreciate and kindle authentic friendships in your life. let whatever you do with those you hold dear be meaningful, fun and full of life. because those things matter. whether you are enjoying a summer day at the farmer's market together or having tea in your living room attempting to silence your crying baby and keep conversation.

because community is the fun and messy bits. enjoy them all. enjoy this beautiful, fragile life of ours. and enjoy them together.