loving you.

(I) wonder sometimes if you remember me throughout your day.
As you head to work or go to the lake for a swim or hang out with that girl you just started showing interest in.
I wonder if I (will) ever cross your mind, beyond the few moments we spend together now.
We used to be inseparable, you know.
You would (never) hear my name without your name tagging along somewhere in a story.
But I guess we must (stop) the story and begin a new one, right? At least, that's what you said you wanted.
You taught me so much. You are still teaching me. I think back to things you once told me and still find beauty and wisdom and inspiration in the words.
I was always (loving) that about you; that way you could take any moment and create a divine-ness to it. Take any chance encounter, any story, any single word and dive deep into philosophy or theology.
No one else does that. Others don't understand the fragility of life, like you did.
They don't go into situations with the mindset that we have a short amount of time so why waste it on small talk, let's get to the heart of the matter.
But I guess, most people aren't like (you.)