from inside your heart

i want to know your heart. know what makes it beat fast and what makes it beat slow. know what makes it feel afraid and what makes it feel loved. i want to walk around inside your heart; get to know the corners and crevices and little spaces no one else has seen. i want to sit quietly inside your heart until you forget i am there, and then listen to your heart as it speaks truthfully, listen to it in your most unaware moments. i want to know your heart's faults---does it love too soon or not soon enough? i want to see the dark side of your heart because i would still love you even after they've become known. i want to dance inside your heart; do a little jig and see how it responds. will your heart laugh at me? stare at me? join in? i want to sit at a desk inside your heart with a pen and notepad. i want to ask you a million questions and hear your heart respond: what makes you feel most alive? how many children do you want? if you had an unlimited amount of money what would you spend it on? what is your view on god? and finally, i want to grow a garden inside your heart. take some seeds, a watering pitcher and bring my green thumb. i want to plant roses and daffodils and lilies and lavender and ranunculus and peonies. because i see the potential for beauty and greatness in this heart of yours, even when you don't. and i want to nurture and love and care for your heart until you finally realize just how lovely you are.

-savannah layne