a golden egg find: happy father's day!

father's day is coming up! how are you going to celebrate your dad (and if for some reason there is no dad in your life, look for a man in your life who you would like to bless!).

looking for a card for you dad? i like this one. and this one. and this one.

this watch? wonderful.

lucky magazine made an entire board on pinterest to help you find the perfect gift for dad. check it out!

a thoughtful gift you can give your dad is making his favorite dessert to enjoy. my dad likes cheesecake. thinking of going off this recipe.

this video of scott avett and his daughter is precious.

if you have ever read captivating or wild at heart you will get to understand a little bit better just how powerful the influence of your dad is. he can help mend some brokenness or he can cause great brokenness. be thankful if you have been blessed with a wonderful father who represents god the best he can in his own broken but redeemed life. if you are not in a great relationship with your dad or he is no longer present in your life, use this time as a way to dig deep into the word of your heavenly father, allowing him to be the dad you do not have.