to live fully

I am trying. And isn't that all that matters?

For it is not the completion of a challenge that makes you strong, but the process of it all. And to live fully has proven a challenge.

To live fully, content with all that is given, thankful for each passing moment or situation or person that God so graciously hands me---and what's more, from a God who is above all else good therefore all given unto me is good even in the gifts in which this ignorant soul deems broken---and to ride upon the unending wave of this moment is a difficult task.

My current state of living is passive and, I fear, passionless. I have a book in which each day you are handed a question. The questions range from What music do you like currently? to What do you want to be remembered for?

Yesterday the question asked me what I am currently exploring. Hmmm... good question. Hard answer. Though my heart wanted to scribble down easy words that flow like honey---I am exploring gardens, I am exploring the beauty of the Carolinas, I am exploring this earth---my soul knew that this question must be answered properly. It must be answered truthfully.

And so, in my best handwriting, I let the pen glide across paper as upon it I inscribed: I am exploring a life in which fear is not present.

Put in layman's terms: I am trying, aching, giving it my best shot to live life fully. 

And to jump into this way of life must take divine power for I have but little strength and almost no discipline. And so I make my daily cry for my Maker's help and thank him in advance for I know he will prove faithful. 


  1. I'm with you on this Savannah! To live fully is to live reliant upon Him. I'm learning to do this too. Learning to see Him in every situation and at all times. I find that being in constant prayer helps. Always continuing in conversation with Him. And when He drops to the back of my mind and I get distracted, I simply have to think of His name and He's back in my thoughts. It's a work in process.

    Ps - loved your post on Overcome the Lie! :)

    1. Thank you for reading! I adore the thoughts you brought. Living fully is no easy task but what we reap from sowing seeds of thankfulness will make it all worthwhile.