make cake box mix taste homemade

Yay! It's your dearest friend's birthday and you are wanting to spoil her to bits. Your purse is lacking so you decide to DIY it up (good for you!). You create cute decorations, make some punch and even fix some tasty snacks. But then you realize the most crucial piece... the cake!

Never have you ever made a cake from scratch and you have no time to try once in preperation for the big day. You feel stuck... how do you make a box cake taste like its straight from that cute bakery down the street?

Well I'll give you a tip I swear by. It makes the cake moist, rich and delicious! This is all you have to do:

  • Buy your cake mix. I tend to steer clear of generic name brands. Perhaps it's just me being finicky, but I feel like the name brand (Betty Crocker and the like) tastes better.
  • Add one to two more eggs than the box calls for.
  • Replace the oil with butter.
  • Instead of the water it calls for, use milk.
This is a sure fire way to create a yummy cake that tastes homemade when it really came straight from the box!

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to baking?