life's lessons

this is what i'm learning, what i am being taught: i will never regret saying "yes" to an adventure. i will never regret pouring my soul into someone, disregarding the cost and letting my heart stand stark naked in front of them, because that is what love would do and did do. i will never regret holding my mamma's hand even though i may be just a little too old for that. i will never regret staying up late with my sister, yawning away the tiredness and drowning out the voice in my head that says "it's time to go to bed" with the sound of coffee brewing in the kitchen. i will never regret calling my dad just to see how his day is going. i will never regret reacting in gentleness instead of a harsh tone. i will never regret looking for the best in someone even if it takes some searching. i will never regret spending time with dearest friends doing nothing, simply being in one another's presence. i will never regret playing peek-a-boo with a baby who has yet to learn i haven't truly disappeared, even though we've been playing for thirty minutes straight. i will never regret saying the words "i love you" if i truly mean them, even if the sentiment is not reciprocated. i will never regret smiling so big my mouth hurts and cheeks burst and eyes squeeze almost shut, because that means i am living fully. and i will never regret saying "thank you" even when i don't understand and the world is full of chaos and my mind has a list of complaints.

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