This wandering soul of mine always long to move somewhere new. I crave change, adore the challenge and beauty of meeting soon-to-be friends. But sometimes I put these fictitious hopes and fantasies far above my actual lifestyle and community.

Lately I have been day dreaming about the future and all that it holds and, though I would love to move and thrive and grow in some place else, I am seeing that the location is not what truly matters, but the community. And then I read this post and it pushed me even further into the truth that relationships are everything.

The people that hold me, encourage me, challenge me. The people I get to hold, encourage, challenge. The people I get to do the exciting things with---like travel---and the ordinary---eat with, work out with, spend long summer days with. This is what matters.

I am trying desperately to learn that, while adventure is wonderful, it is beautiful to be content with the everyday. It is a fantastic quality to find something interesting and exciting in the mundane. It is endearing to be someone who can make something worthwhile out of the seemingly worthless.

Because life is made up of the many inbetween moments. And those inbetween moments are made precious when we look at them with grateful eyes and share them with beloved friends.