weekly nuggets: a weekend with erin

This past weekend I got to spend a few days wandering through the country side with a friend I've only known for half a year, but our friendship feels like we have never been apart.

We met divinely---and when I say that I am not trying to sound like a crazy voodoo Baptist woman. The way we met was so random and intricate that no one could hear the story and claim it just luck. The handiwork of God was definitely at play.

Ever had a friend who you just clicked with? The kind of friend that makes you sometimes feel in awe of the likeness you share? Where you just sit back and think, You do that, too?! 

Well, that's how it was for Erin and me.

We met in mid-September and we were together almost everyday until Christmas break. Before school came back in for spring semester she had trekked down twice to visit.

Then, life caught up with us. I was in North Carolina, she in Virginia, and we went three months without seeing each other. Finally, we knew something had to be done. So we planned this little trip and thirty minutes after driving up it felt like I had never left.

I love this girl. She has a heart like gold and a humor that could make the Foot Guards in England laugh.

We got to spend three days doing our favorite things together: eating, laughing antiquing, driving and listening to the Lumineers.

Needless to say, I hope she and I stay friends for a long, long time.


1. did I mention she's super intelligent? Well, she is. That's us on the way to an academic induction for her.
2. exploring gems tucked away in an old shop.
3. best drink I have ever had.
4. exploring this charming town.
5. cute boutique/restaurant we stopped in for some tea.

P.S. you can find her blogging away at www.erinjoydee.blogspot.com