black and white love

Most of our love is developed in black and white.
It is withheld or not given if something is just not right.

The love is based on a who a person is,
what they have done and what is their sin.

Love is given like a little girl's invitation
One for you, one for you, Oh I thought you'd be on vacation.

Or like a lunch table in high school with only six seats:
first come, first serve. Too little, too late.

Or maybe the pickings of a middle school gym class.
The biggest chosen first and the dorks chosen last.

Simplified by a list of criteria that others must meet.
Categorized by race and career. Why not add the size of their feet?

But I believe in a love that comes in different hues.
It shines of purples and greens and browns and blues.

I see the pastor and the drug addict, the gays beside the straight.
I see the drunken and the prostitute. I see a beautiful array

of peoples and colors and talents and voices.
I see Jesus with his scarred hands extended to Judas.