as a flower bloom in my heart

The past few seasons of my life have reflected so well the season of weather they found themselves entangled in, that even I sit back in awe and go to town with all the great metaphors and analogies and symbolism I can dig out from them.

As the first signs of autumn came, with leaves turning crimson red and burnt orange, I found myself in a place of transition. My life was about to be turned upside down---as was many more incoming students---and just like a roller coaster makes you feel, I was up to my eye balls in nerves, excitement and often found myself quite queasy.

Everything was different and beautiful and exciting and I sure loved that adventure, and can even appreciate now the pieces of it that left me heartbroken and confused.

And as the last leaf fell and the first snowflake descended with it, a time of winter also overtook my soul. I was being pruned, just like a man prunes his vineyard, as I watched a lot of heartache, insecurity and fear fall into the hands of my Maker. And slowly---agonizingly, painfully, excruciatingly slowly---I found them crushed in the great Fists of his Love.

Thankfully, though that season felt like an eternity, winter came to an end and he began brushing off the white crystals of winter that had laden my heart and from that beating beauty of a gift, a flower began to bloom. And still, it is blooming. Hardly but an inch grown but full of potential and that is quite startlingly beautiful in any case.

In this season where I find myself waking up to all that this time of my life has to offer, I will grasp at any chance I get and let my blooming heart thrive. For along side spring I will also spring forth in greater life, love and dance as I flourish in the hands of my Maker.

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." -Ecclesiastes 3:1