"and yet"

My story is a story of "and yet."

Your story is a story of "and yet."

All of humanity has a story that is deeply rooted in the redemption of "and yet."

"And yet," possibly the most powerful words in the English language, are the two pivotal words that have transformed life on earth and eternity, forever.

Moses was a stuttering, self-conscious fool and yet God chose him to deliver a people from their shackles and slavery, leading them to the Promise Land.

Beethoven was deaf and yet close to two hundred years after his death we still hear his music.

Job became full of pride and yet God ended up giving him back more than what he had lost.

The one hanging next to Jesus on the cross was a criminal and yet Jesus planned to seem him after his last breath.

Brian Welch was drowning in a sea of drugs and depression and success and yet God pulled him out, rescuing him for his Kingdom.

I, you, all of us, continue to scream "No!" at God's asking of our heart and yet he continues to ask with longing, hoping that our next breath will be used in a glorious ringing of "Yes!"

We continue to trample over our lover, running towards food or relationships or money hoping they will fix our broken heart and yet God continues to love us with an unceasing love that is cloaked in never-ending forgiveness.

Our story is a story of "and yet." Our hearts, once made new, are intricately woven with "I was depressed and yet..." "I was bitter and yet..." "I was insecure and yet..." "I was a gluton and yet..." "I was a sinner and yet..."