sometimes, in the middle of ecstasy and picturesque living, life throws a curve ball.

you thought all was bliss until he stepped in and changed the cards, exchanging what felt like a royal flush for a useless hand.

and since this beast we're dealing with is life, you have no control in changing his mind. 

you try and convince him that you were doing just fine. that he has it wrong and should not try and fix what is not broken.

you say that before he came along all was going well; that each moment was like a love song and each day like a film.

but he does not listen and does not adhere to your grumbling and begging and whimpering to keep all that you are clutching in your fraught, feeble fingers.

instead, in the twilight of your happiness, he makes you uproot; commands you to keep your eyes open as you witness the horrible act you are about to commit.

the tragedy where he makes you play the role of the wicked villian and there is no one to blame but yourself.

the calamity where he forces you to pack your comfortable little routine into a glass jar, fill it up with your sticky sweet memories and forever wanted possibilities, and then hurl it against the cold pavement, watching it crumble into a million jagged pieces of longing.

and as all you have ever known lies before your eyes in ruin, you try to choke down the bitter salt watery fact that life as you know it will never, ever be the same. 

you will never have his arms around you again as you whisper the hidden secrets only he has ever made you want to unveil.

you will never experience that friendship's budding promise of life-long kindred hearts connecting and summers spent by the sea as your children grow up together like brothers and sisters.

you will never be in the circle of this beloved community again until the day heaven's gates open up wide to you and the streets of gold are beneath your feet.

you will never see a time of such possibility as was the time captured and destroyed in that beautiful, breakable, glass jar of a moment.