the dishes can wait.

this past wednesday i was up to my eyeballs in schoolwork and had a to do list by my side that made me want to break down and cry just looking at it.

needless to say, when my dad asked if i wanted to go on a hike and explore some abandoned mines my first thought was to say, "yeah right!"

but then i thought it through. the papers aren't due for a few days and the dishes in the sink can wait a few hours longer and the people i want to call will be there when i get back.

so i went.

i am learning to breathe. learning to prioritize people over my to do list. learning to be extraordinary in my love, not just efficient in my tasks.

and as my dad reflected on the way over to this narnia-esque place to explore: "ten years from now we won't remember all the little details.... what was going on in our lives, what classes you were taking, the jobs we were working on. but we will remember this memory, this spending the day, father and daughter, together."

what have you been learning as of late?

p.s. i am so grateful i didn't pass up all these beautiful sites.