clean up

superlative organization has never been an award i've received.

but, in effort to make my life a little less fuss, i've began.... (long pause for effect)..... CLEANING.

it's mind blowing and all my friends and family think we've hit the twilight zone. but i've found, as all our mammas used to tell us, if you pick up as you go it makes thinks a whole lot easier.

i began a rule for myself that my room must be in a kept up fashion before i do any work/reading/lounging.

now, i know some of you perfectionist neat freak nazis are thinking, "have the whole room clean before i start anything?! heck, i'd spend all day cleaning and no time working!" and because of this, i am glad that my idea of clean is throwing my cover over my bed and cramming clothes into drawers because that's a lot easier than hours of deep cleaning. ha!

one of the big places that needed some organization was my desk. the desk is built in and i've used it probably all of six times since moving in.

that being said, to make things a bit more alluring i decided to give the desk a makeover which will hopefully make me want to sit down and write papers. maybe.

here are a few things i did to organize:

inspiration boards are the best when you are in a creative slump. as you can see, flowers are always running through my head.

i am a card junkie. i love getting new cards with pretty designs and writing sweet notes to even sweeter friends. i have quite a few cards and i never had anywhere to store them. they always ended up in my purse or lost in boxes. so, i got this cute little box and put them where it's easy for me to sit down, grab one and send some love.

i've got lots of books and not enough places to put them. i always ended up going to my bookshelf each day to find the one i wanted and making a mess looking for it. so, i put my most used books down on my desk in easy reach. see that pretty pink binder there? that's my planner. has it been used since i put it there? no. but one step at a time.

happy spring cleaning!