time flies

“How did it get so late so soon? It's night before it's afternoon. December is here before it's June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?” -Dr. Seuss

I look back over the past three hundred and sixty five days. The past five hundred twenty five thousand nine hundred and forty nine minutes of 2012. The past thirty one million five hundred thirty six thousand seconds.

The moments, days, weeks, months have flown by like a freight train and it's hard to collect the specific bits and pieces that made it up and reflect on them.

Like where was I exactly one year ago---at 11:36 p.m. on January 7th? What was I doing? Who was I with?

Time has a way of racing down the railroad tracks and with each year I gain more dislike towards this irking personality trait He has. Sometimes A lot of times I feel like shouting at this freight train named Time "Slow down! I haven't even boarded and you've left the station!"

But He doesn't listen. And I don't expect Him to. I know well enough from the stories and the nostalgia of my parents and grandparents and neighbors and friends. The words they all seem to agree on whether Democrat or Republican, brown or white, Christian or atheist, home wrecker or family man: Time flies.

Like the last slice of your Grandma's key lime pie, we all will get to a point in our life where we have just a sliver left of this precious thing called Time and we'll wonder where the rest of it went.

What did we spend it doing? Who did we spend it with? Where were our investments?

It's so easy to miss the train---so easy to get distracted along the way and stop at the great wonders of Technology or Lust or Money or Success and forget that you have a train to catch named Time and He waits for no one.

And that terrifies me. It terrifies me that I can get lured into missing Time because pursuing money looks better or investing in Facebook seems more alluring.

It terrifies me that my soul would trade beautiful moments spent using Time well for cheap seconds spent in front of a TV screen.

And so, instead of a New Year's Resolution list that demands of me to change everything about myself and love myself for who I am simultaneously I choose this mantra for 2013: hop on the Time train and don't let go. Don't let go of those moments where you and your friend are talking about nothing and everything and laughing so hard your insides hurt. Don't loosen your grip on the Bible in your hands as it comes alive before you, bursting with the truths that sculpt our lives. Don't forget to watch the stars and the sunrise and the trees dance and the squirrels play. Don't forget to cling to those beautiful adventures with people you love where you have no set destination; just a camera and a car. Don't ever take for granted this beautiful gift of grace named Time.

Don't miss the train.

You'll thank me when January 7th, 2014 rolls in.

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