will you?

Will you kiss me? Will you hold me?
Will you say nice things that make me smile?
Will you cry when I cry and deplore the things that cause the tears?
Will you dance with me when life is exciting?
Will you hold my hand during the scary movies
and tell me to turn away when it gets too gory?
Will you open the door?
Will you guard my heart?
Will you love God and love others and love me?
Will you play games with my family
and hope for a time when it's with our own?
Will you speak truth when I'm wrong;
smack me with the words I know are true
and do it as graciously as possible?
Will you lead? Will you guide---
guide me and our children and community?
Will you count gray hairs with me?
Will you count the stars with me?
Will you create laugh lines on my face?
Will you whisper "I love you" until it's our final day?