love is worth fighting for


"Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it's cracked up to be. That's why people are so cynical about it. It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don't risk anything, you risk everything." -Erica Jong

I sure would hate to die a coward to Love. I'd loathe dieing a girl who never let anyone too close, never let Love seep into her aching heart, never opened her arms long enough to experience it all.

You know, the evil one is out on the prowl. He is coming to steal, kill and destroy. And I think at the top of his hit list is Love. It can bond hearts together, mend wounds that go down deep, cherish someone to boldness. I think satan knows the effects of Love in someone's life---true Love. Not this mushy gushy go-with-what-you're-feeling kind of crap Hollywood and magazines and our mothers are teaching us. No. 

The Love that sits with you and listens to you talk about cars and your favorite childhood memory and loads of other boring stuff simply because you need someone to listen for once in your life.

The Love that holds you when you are mourning; holds you when the waves are driving them self a hundred miles per hour at your face and sucking you into the big abyss of exhaustion and chaos.

The Love that fixes you tea when you come over. The Love that truly wants to hear what comes after, "How ya doing?" The Love that looks at you with forgiveness when you need it and gives you a good smack in the face even when you don't want it.

That is the kind of Love that makes the evil one shake in his boots. Cause he knows that kind of Love can transform nations.

I've experienced community where Love saturated the place. It's beautiful. It's freeing. It puts you at rest. God is there and active and beautiful.

I've experienced strangers gathering where Hollywood love takes the stage. It strangles you. It eats away at your soul and drags your self-esteem to the alter to butcher it and then parade it around Success Town because in all those strangers eyes you've made it---you finally are so callused and cold and rock solid hard that nothing---not even the strongest Love---can penetrate that soul of yours. You're a tough cookie, they say. You should be proud that, finally, nothing can hurt you.

Love is worth fighting for. The evil one knows this and he is here to advert our eyes to cheap imitations of it so we never get the real stuff.

I believe the biggest way he does this is he gets us in a place where we go with the flow, don't ask questions and practice fake smiles in the mirror. We live in this box of conventionality and we never get out because we don't want to be different and because the box is pretty and it shimmers and keeps our neighbors minding their own business.

But here's the thing: true Love is not conventional. It doesn't come in pretty packages. It doesn't always feel like your eating ice cream in Disney World. And it definitely doesn't fit into your overbooked, color coded planner.

Love doesn't work on planet Earth's clock. It doesn't ask you what you feel like doing, who you feel like encouraging, why your not keen on the idea of forgiving.

True Love gets on his knees and washes the feet of those who aggravate him, talk bad about him, turn from him. True Love invites all to come to the party. True Love listens and cares.

True Love shakes up this broken, desperate world. True Love restores it. And I pray it is our dying wish that we never fold our arms in response to a room full of love impostors but we step out of the pretty, shimmering, non-confrontational box and show people what Love can do to a soul.