deborah + the drama

My car, Deborah, is a beaut. She's going on 20 years of age and doesn't look a day over you-should-probably-consider-getting-a-new-car-sometime-soon.

She's been with me in the good times and the bad. She's taken me to get coffee more times than I can count and hauled me up to Virginia for school.

She enjoys jerking my passengers and I around when we go around curves and has a tendency to stall once in awhile, but that's what gives her character.

The only flaw my dear old car has (emphasis on the old) is that yearly rarely occasionally frequently monthly weekly she likes to.... well... fall apart.

At first it was funny. You know, she wouldn't start one day, we'd get her towed and then, what do you know! She starts working, leaving the mechanic and I scratching our heads*.

But then it happened more often. And then it would sometimes stop in the middle of roads while someone was driving her. And then I would be without a car for school. And then I realized that Deborah needed to find a new audience for her sense of humor.

And today her not-so-funny humor came out again. Twice.

And as annoying as it can be, I was really struck with how much I love men**.

I realized how every time my car has broken down and left me stranded by the side of a road or, like today, even in my own driveway, guys stop and help. I can have two guys working on my car and people will stop just to see if they can lend a hand.

And, no, it's not always hot young men wanting a date. All ages stop. And I think it is because of something God wired deep within men: a longing to help and protect.

Am I saying women can't help and protect? Heck no. You mess with someone I love and Mama Bear comes out. But I believe men long to protect women. They long to be the knight in shining armor for their wife, daughter, sister or some stranger who needs help.

It's a beautiful depiction of God and him being our defender and our helper, fighting for us until we take our last breath.

Joy Eggriches, from Love and Respect NOW wrote a cool blog post about this recently. You can check it our here.

Do you think it is true that most men have an innate sense to protect the women in their lives? Have you seen this played out in your life? How often do you think them for it?

*Okay. So when it comes to cars I am continuously scratching my head, but him scratching his too made me feel a bit more validated in my confusion.

**I am going to completely gender stereotype right now so please stop reading if you are going to get offended and right me nasty emails. I realize that some men know nothing about cars and some women should work for NASCAR. This is simply a generalization that, in my world, tends to be very true.