angels betting

"10 bucks she starts crying."

These are the words I am fairly sure were spoken by some angels today. As they watched my little life and all my little dreams and little expectations dwindle away to the layout of someone else's life---the layout of someone else's dreams and expectations.

Well, I didn't start crying... I'd done enough of that this past week.

I knew better now.

I had lived the proof that my dream of having a dorm at Liberty this past fall was not meant to be because other things had to happen. I learned first hand that my family's dream of me staying at Liberty all four years was not God's plan.

And because of what happened then, I have faith for right now. Faith that my schedule of what I must do by twenty-two doesn't necessarily fit into God's glorious layout for my life.

I knew this girl once that told God exactly what needed to be done in her life: graduate by twenty-one with honors, get married, become a teacher, have 2.5 kids by thirty, live happily-ever-after.

You know where she's at now? Miserable.

God and Our Plans don't always dance well together. We thrust them together, play the music and tell them to jive but, just like at our middle school dance, it simply doesn't work. They don't clique. It's not natural. It's not how it's supposed to be.

I'm not saying if you have a dream you must sacrafice it on the alter right now and forget about your dream forever and ever, amen.

No. If you love photography and want to serve God, I believe he can use that. But don't get so focused on getting that exact internship by that exact age and getting that level of success by that age and retire by that age. God likes to work out the details.

We need to pursue. We need to work hard. We need to strive for excellence.

But just like a artist, we can sketch out the first few layers of our plans but then God puts in the color; he gives the work of art bursts of colors and light and purpose and meaning.

Go down that path you really enjoy and love. But always be willing to make a turn when that plan and God's just doesn't jive.


  1. I wholeheartedly believe that God's plan for you coming to Liberty for the short time that you did involved giving me the chance to meet you. Isn't it crazy how He was thinking of us at the same time before we even knew one another existed? I bet He smiled when you picked out your outfit the day that we met, thinking "I like her outfit, and I know someone else who might like it too..."
    You are precious to me and I'm thankful for your example in my life. Xoxo

    1. I am unbelievably thankful for you.... I am so grateful I got to spend time at Liberty to meet you and create this friendship. I can't wait to see you Friday!

    2. Savy as I sit here I am reminded of how everything that happens God has a plan and a purpose. I believe without a doubt you were meant to be at Liberty these last few months, for what reason I'm not sure but I know God is. This only stands to remind me of the truth that we are the clay and He is the potter,the Master Designer if I may..He has the whole masterpiece not just one dance but your ensamble of life orchestrated right before His eyes. And the cool thing is..you gotta trust God..and isn't trusting Him living by faith? And that's what you are doing right now. So I would say you are right where He wants you..where He wants all of us. If we have it all figured out what do we need Him for?? Living in faith, not knowing every step God has for you to take makes the journey all more worth taking..it allows no expectations no "human" dissapointment and only God's Best! I am so excited for you. GOD HAS SOMETHING BIG PLANNED FOR YOUR LIFE!! Hold on to the passenger's seat and let Him take you where you never dreamed. You are amazing, I know you heart honors Him. Sometimes the picture we see our lives to be is still in a frame. I love you and I am so proud of you!! Love Auntie Nickel

    3. Thank you sweet auntie! Your words are very encouraging and I love that you support me in whatever opportunities I take! I'll miss living ten minutes from you... grab some Joe Bean's for me! ;)