I've been trying extra hard lately to not be glued to my phone or laptop. I think I've written about this so much that y'all hate hearing my tantrums about how I need to stop being dependent on technology, but I am struggling to really unplug and be present in the moment with the people in my life.

I've somehow got it stuck in my head that if I don't upload a picture of it on Instagram or type a status about it on facebook or tweet on it over Twitter it didn't really happen. And in this era of spilling our guts on the Internet I fear I have lost something very personal: going on adventure just for the fun of it, being with people just because I adore them, making a craft simply to put a smile on a friend's face, helping someone out just because it would honor God. Instead it's all about the "likes" and the "comments" and the recognition and what should be a very intimate, beautiful thing has become selfish.

But, slowly, I am finding ways to steal away and let my mind rest; letting my mind stop the multi-tasking and instead invest in good conversations, service, books, food, art...

"turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in your way." -psalm 119:37