My heart is playing tug-of-war;
I don't know which side will win.
Will you please give an answer, Lord?
Tell me what's unknown to men.
I am helpless and hopeless
and I know I could never
be anything but foolish
so you show me the answer.
I don't want to live a life
full of regret and full of "ifs."
I want to do what is right
and never stay stuck in the myths.
For you are all-knowing;
you want my own good.
You are perfect and loving;
you give more than you should.
How could you love me?
The answer I'll never know.
For I am so unholy,
yet within me your holiness grow.
And as this holiness booms
from deep within my soul,
I pray you will come to this room
and tell me what I should know.