watch your feet

If any of you watch New Girl pull yourself back to this episode from season one: Jess is told that wherever a boy's feet point, is what he really wants.

Jess goes on a mission to see where Nick's feet point because if they point towards her it means he wants her.

This may or may not be true (but if it's not I should probably apologize to all the guys I've winked at and said, "you want me, don't you?" to) when it comes to deciphering what a guy is thinking, but it can be very true in life.

Think about it. When your feet is facing an object, that meets your entire body is facing that object as well.

We can get really caught up in what path we need to take in life... who we should marry, what college we should attend, the career we need to pursue, the ministry we should get involved in but a lot of times we are completely lost, standing at the fork in the road spinning in circles wondering which path is ours.

So you know what hit me this morning? You know what stops this cycle of spinning?

Pointing your face towards Jesus. Turing your entire self to him.

Focusing on him, leaning into him and trusting him.

What does that look like? Pursuing the things you enjoy for sure. Exploring the opportunites you've been dealt. But choosing to dive into any choices you may have saying, "Whatever brings God more glory and whatever he wants for me is what I want and what I'll commit to."

This may mean breaking up with your significant other or it may mean popping the question. This may mean going to that college five minutes from your house, a three day drive from your house or not going to college at all. This may mean considering a career you never thought of or serving in a way you never thought you would.

Point your feet towards him. He's in control.