sexy time

Okay guys, it's time to begin talking about sexy time again.

Oh yes, I know. You all can't wait to glean upon my massive amount of wisdom in relationships that I've gained during my eighteen years here on earth. Stop ogling me, please. Just ask me for a signed portrait. I'll give you one. Geez.

Sooo maybe I don't have a massive amount of experience on relationships and sex but I sure do know quite a bit about what the media wants us to believe about it all. Here is what their underling message is: it's cheap.

It's easy. It's meaningless. It's worthless.

I was watching a show the other day and the lead is having sex with an almost complete stranger and having no relationship behind it. It's casual. When they won't to go at it they just say so and then when they're done they leave and go about their day.

It may be the kinda stuff us TV zombies make a night out of watching but it sure punches God in the face, don't ya think?

Because God made sex to be beautiful. He made it to be intimate and one of the ultimate ways of showing love.

Yes there are other ways of showing of love---the deepest being sacrafice and service---but you can do those things for people you love but don't have sex with. Within marriage though, you sacrafice, serve and have sex*. You have it all... or more like give it all.

And that is what marriage is supposed to be. Giving it all. Sacrificing it all. Undressing your naked scars, heart, sins, hurts, angers, quirks, insecurities and body.

And who are we to just throw sex up on a billboard and destroy what God wanted us to have? Who are we to teach a generation that sex is nothing but a fun thing you do with one, two, however many people you want? Who are we to scream at the top our lungs we are supposed to separate our emotions from our sex lives? 

That's not the way it's supposed to be, y'all.

And I think as the church we need to not get so into telling everyone to "wait until marriage" and buy a purity ring and read a million books about waiting for the one. We need to start telling people how great sex is. How marvelous God made it to be. How sacred it is. We need to explain the why behind the "sex was made for marriage" mantra in all it's glory---because sex is beautiful, sacred and designed to be one of the ultimate ways of giving it all to the person you want to spend your life with. Because sex is most fully experienced when you don't have to compare each other with the "others;" you get to experiment with each other.

Sex was meant to be more than what we've been taught. Not something to treat carelessly and not something to cheapen.

How have you grown up viewing sex? Do you think the media has gotten it right? The church? Let me know below.

*I sure do like some alliteration