happy first day of october

I talked a bit here about how fall is slowly wooing me. But let me tell you: today I fell head-over-heels for autumn. 

The first day of October could not have had a better setting than today: a chill in the air, the smell of bonfire rising up and a fog coming from the mountains.

It was wonderful.

In the spirit of being happy in the season I am in, I decided to make a list of things I am extremely excited for in this month. Maybe you can make one, too?

Here's mine:

1. fall break: family, catching up, being home in carolina and taking a trip up to the mountains. yes, please.
2. pie making. I don't like pie, but I sure do like to make it. ;)
3. the large pile of unread books on my bookshelf currently. what's better than curling up with a good novel during the rain? I'll answer that for you: nothing.
4. Once Upon a Time and The Office on Netflix. New Girl back on TV.
5. Mumford & Sons and Regina Spektor's new album getting a whole bunch of listenin'.
6. carving pumpkins with friends.
8. coffee. coffee. coffee. coffee.

what are you excited for? was your first day of october as fabulous as mine? what's your list?