creation is waiting

There is something coming and we can feel it---in our hearts, in our toes, in our longings.

Something---Someone---is coming and all creation is ready to see it happen!

We fell and the whole world shook from the devastation. From the first bite of the beautiful fruit that stole our greedy hearts the grass, the flowers, the trees, the beasts knew that something was amiss; something was not right.

And soon all of creation knew we had messed up and they mourned the world that became broken.

But then he came---beautifully irreverent, brutally honest and breathtakingly generous he came and made all right

And slowly, ever so slowly, creation began to feel it. Began to feel that soon we would be restored to our right place.

And so now the grass, the flowers, the trees and the beasts wait expectantly for the time to come when we realize it and wake up to the restoration he longs to give us.

And we will wait for the moment when he comes bursting forth on a white horse and all is made right, evil is overthrown and all is complete.

"Everything God made is waiting with excitement for God to show his children's glory completely. Everything God made was changed to become useless, not by its own wish but because God wanted it and because all along there was this hope: that everything God made would be set free from his ruin to have the freedom and glory that belong to God's children." -Romans 8:19-21