back to the basics

I'm sick of living superficially.

Of having conversations of no depth, saying words that lack meaning and going through the motions because it's tradition or expected or nice.

And I know that others feel this way. You have told me this. You are tired of not really getting anywhere. You are exhausted of living life like a robot.

So here is a challenge for you: answer these questions the next few days. Discuss them, study to find answers for them and really meditate on them. Let me hear---or someone else you know---the beginnings of your thoughts on them. Let's talk about them because we can be philosophical and cute all we want but until we get down to the meat of life and purpose and God and love and people we will never be able to live like we're meant to.

Where do we find truth? Is it relative to each person?

Is there a God worth investing your life in?

What does love look like?

How do you believe homeless people got to where they are? Does this affect if you help them out or not?

Is it okay to have sex before marriage? Why or why not?

Are people inherently good or evil?

Where do you go after you die?

If Christianity is the way, what happens to the unreached peoples who've never heard of Jesus?

Is drinking alcohol okay if you're a Christian? Smoking? Cussing? Getting tattoos?

Are we going to heaven by what we do, wear, drink and have or by Jesus and His sacrifice?