happy autumn!

I'm gonna be completely honest: I've never really fallen in love with autumn.

I'm a spring and summer girl; fall means no tomato sandwiches, no spontaneous trips to the sea, no flowers and no yummy, fruity drinks.

But, though these things may not be prominent during this time, I have started to become  head-over-heels in love with fall. I don't know what it is about this year but I am suddenly wrapped up in thoughts of sweaters (and I am also literally wrapped up in sweaters), pumpkin carving, pies and apple cider.

I have been throwing open the front door and taking in the crisp, autumn air... I cannot get enough of it! I eat outside, swing outside, study outside, read outside and Skype outside. I. LOVE. FALL. OUTSIDE.

So what caused this new found love?

Maybe it's the warmth of it---the sitting around, sipping salted caramel hot chocolate and just taking n the quiet moments. Maybe it's getting over my negative attitude and accepting the change in seasons. Maybe it's the symbolism of familiar things ending and good things coming.  Maybe definitely it's the fact that squash is in season---hello squash casserole, squash soup, squash donuts... er. What?

Whatever it is, I am very happy and content with my pumpkin and vanilla candle burning and watching leaves find new colors.

Happy autumn, my friends!

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