feels like a monday

Man, y'all. Today has just been one of those days.

One of those days that leave you wanting nothing more than to snuggle up in bed, light a million candles and devour some good 'ol sea salt caramel gelato.

One of those days that you have to tell yourself over and over: Breathe. It's okay. Everything is going to work out.

It is so easy for me to stress out and get myself worked up over life and all it's happenings. All the Wednesdays that feel more like Mondays. All the disappointments and hurt feelings. All the yucks that sometimes fill our days---or even weeks, months and years!

But here's the thing: we are incredibly blessed.

We have so much. We are so loved. We are so cherished.

If we just would open up our eyes and look around at all that lies before us. If we would only smile at the world and watch it smile back. If we would only get over ourselves and the fact that---oh no!---we are having a bad hair day!

Life is bigger than a bad hair day. People are worth more than a bad hair day.

So don't let your bad hair day destroy your opportunity to find beauty in life, people and experiences.