early mornings

If you have ever spent time preparing to go somewhere with me you know that I abhor being rushed. I like to take my time and not feel like I'm running late.

Because of this I usually wake up quite a bit earlier than I necessarily need to. As in, it takes 20 minutes for me to get ready and go but I'll wake up an hour and a half before I need to leave.

Simply because I like feeling free to sit and take my time; I like knowing that if something went wrong, I have time to fix it.

Even though I have this laid-back mindset, I sometimes find myself rushing in the early mornings. It's not that I am running late, I just am hurried and wanting to get things done.

As I do my make up, I rush. As I fix my hair, I rush. As I make breakfast, I rush. As I eat breakfast, I rush. And soon, my own wanting to not rush becomes a rush.

But the past few weeks I've been making an effort to just enjoy the early mornings; the quiet, the solitude, the flirting sun deciding if it'll come up for another day.

It's been magical. There is something about an unhurried morning that sets the stage for the day. There is a beauty in lighting some candles, grabbing your Bible, journal or a good book and being still. There is a peace in making a yummy breakfast instead of scarfing down a protein bar.

Jesus loved early mornings, too. He loved waking up early and spending time with his dad. He loved being still; living unhurried.

Do you enjoy mornings?  What does your morning routine look like: hurried or peaceful? What's your favorite morning ritual? What's your favorite breakfast to make?

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