do funny Christians exist?

"Man, Christians are soooooo funny!"

How many times have you heard that? Never? Me too.

We Christians tend to not have a funny bone. It's like we hate laughing or something.

I've realized, while being at the largest Christian university (which is great and I am not hating it), that we as followers of Christ really tend to over-analyze everything. EV. RY. THING.

You walk up to a drink machine with a friend. You say, "My throat is so thirsty."

Your friend looks at you and says, "Your soul is so thirsty. Why don't we pray?"

I love and hate that Christians get too deep too quickly too often. 

For one, I love it because most people don't even make an effort to see if someone is hurting.

Once we have the Holy Spirit, it's like we have Superman vision. If we ask God, with sincerity, to show us who needs a hug or is struggling or just going through hell, he'll do it. It's great!

And it scares me.

Because when I do this, almost everyone looks like they've got stuff going on. Behind that smile is someone who feels lonely. Behind that over-the-top personality is someone who doesn't feel good enough. Behind that person who complains about everything is someone who just wants a friend to listen.

But, I also get annoyed with Christians getting really pumped about getting really down in the dumps. Because sometimes I feel like we just take life too serious.

I remember I was once playing a game with some friends. We were posed a question and each person had to answer honestly.

The question at hand was if we had a million dollars, what we'd do with it.

Some people said buy a car, others said get new clothes, others said hire researchers to figure the whereabouts of unicorns.*

Then it was another guy's turn. He got really serious. Like reallllyyy serious. He pursed his lips together, pretended to hold back tears and said, "I would give all of that money.... to children.... without food... in Africa."

It was dead silent.

"Okayyyyy," someone said. "That's cool." And then everyone, as good little Christians should, shook their head and said things like, "That is so honorable," "You're awesome," and "That was my second choice."


We were playing a game! It was pretend! No one was going to be granted a million dollars. Yet, we still had this expectatin of needing to be perfect and heavenly and an angel.

Let's move past it, shall we? Let's be real. Not real in the sense of "I love Jesus and struggle with pornography. But it's okay because Jesus looooovess me and I don't need to worry about it!" Or "Jesus is awesome and I want to live for him. But I also think ice cream is awesome and it's okay if I gorge myself out on food every meal. I'm just keeping it real!" (Cue throwing up a peace sign and using a duck face)

Let's be real in the sense that we say we don't have it all together but we also have a heart that wants to know Jesus more. And when we know Jesus more we are open to letting him change the crap in our lives. And when we know him more we see that he was a funny guy. That he naturally moved from normal conversation to heart-wrenching connection. That he also knew it was okay to joke and laugh. HE INVENTED HUMOR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

So please, my friends, let's stop this religious jargon. Let's know Christ more and love people better.

*that may or may not have been me.**

**if you happen to know some researchers who are in the midst of figuring this out... it was me. FILL. ME. IN.***

***if you think I am psycho please raise your hand...