butternut squash soup recipe

honestly, what is better than some butternut squash soup on a rainy day when fall is just around the corner?
and how is great is it when you are fighting a cold and sore throat? very good, my friend. very good.

 the recipe is suuuuuper easy, so if you are no julia child, have no fear. anyone can do this!

i had never made this soup before in my life so this could taste completely wrong different from what it is supposed to, but i like it so that's just okay with me!

the recipe is pretty standard, so you can make adjustments as you feel needed. my mom was telling me some prefer a tomato base so go for that if you prefer!

a can of chicken broth
butternut squash (duh) i had two small ones
one small onion
sea salt
sage or nutmeg or a spice of your preference

for bread:
sourdough bread
cheese of your preference.

step one: put on some good cookin' music. right now i am loving Ben Howard's album (of course) and Carla Bruni's.

step two: take the skin off the squash and chop it up into cube-ish like figures. cut your celery up fairly tiny and dice your onion.

step three: then take a pan and put some oil and salt in it. put it atop your stove and put the veggies in there and set the heat to medium or high. you really just need to get the squash tender, so you can check up on it until you get it to this texture. make sure you can easily cut into it just by using your spatula.

step four: put some butter in a pot and then toss what's in your pan into the pot. take your chicken broth and cover your vegtables in it. if you like more creamy texture, use less broth. if you like a more soup texture, use more.

step five: let it simmer and bubble and boil.

step six: shake your groove thing as it cooks.

step seven: put this mixture in a blender and choose a setting that is light on your creation... not too choppy and crazy (mine has a "mix" setting, so i did this).

step eight: pour in a pretty bowl, grab your favorite book and enjoy!

(for the bread you can toast it or use a pan. just spread butter on it, get it nice and toasty and then lay some cheese on your bread and let it melt. )