this season

It's time to stop denying the obvious: fall is coming and summer is going.

Change is in the air as moms and dads get their new Kindergartners ready, former eighth graders step down their high school hallways, and upcoming freshmen in college move into their dorms. Then there are those who have just graduated college and are suddenly finding themselves in the "grown up" world. There are newlyweds and newlyparents. There are the parents of the freshmen who have gone off to school and mom and dad are still trying to get used to it. There are those who are sick and know this may be the last time they see the leaves change and the colors burst forth. There is newness all around us within this season---within every season.

Maybe for you this season looks exciting. You can't wait for the months coming and are ready to start an adventure.

My advice? Soak it up. Let it consume you. Never miss a day to be thankful.

Maybe this season isn't exactly appealing. Maybe hard times are coming... or have already come.

For this time in your life I can only say this: hold tight to your Maker and remember his words, "to everything there is a season."