the hunger games

People are always saying to one another phrases of this nature:

"I really just want to grow a hunger for God."

"I'm just so thirsty for God's Word."

"My soul is growling for some soul food."*

But when you really stop and think about it, you might come up with a question of this nature:

I mean, the analogy is to the tee. We want to be desperate for more of God just like we are desperate for food when we miss a meal. We want to figuratively thirst for his wisdom just like we are literally thirsting for water after a long run.

But if you're like me, the only times I have truly felt a desperation for God was in desperate times---when I find out some life-changing news, when all my friends ditch me, when my boyfriend and I break up, when death hits...

And those are beautiful times and moments and months when I feel a need for God like no other. But what about when my life isn't so shaky? What about when life is actually pretty good and I still am longing to really long for our Maker? How do we get there? Can we make ourselves feel that hunger?

I think there are some ways we can prepare our hearts to become desperate. Now, I am using the word desperate here, but desperate doesn't necessarily mean that times are desperate. Simply that our soul cannot stand to go a week, a day, an hour without thinking, talking or praising our Creator. So how do we get to that sort of desperation? Here is what I am learning and coming up with.**

1. Get into the habit of daily meeting alone with the One. I think this is super duber important. It's so vital to eliminate distractions and just meet one-on-one with God because you will begin to have revelation, times of healing, times of celebration, etc. with just you and him. When you begin to experience this, you will crave it. It will become a staple in your routine... but it won't be routine! Because while God is constant in his faithfulness, love and fairness, he isn't so predictable in his ways of showing you! So let yourself have fun during this time. Wake up a wee bit early in the morning, or set aside time before bed or before you go pick up the kids at school to listen to worship music, journal, read the Word, sit in silence, etc. There are no limits! You want to dance? Dance! You want to scream frustrations at him? Yell at the top of your lungs. This is you and him time. Make it a priority.

2. Study his character. Why? Because when you see how awesome he is, you will begin to long for him. Matthew 5:6 talks about how we are blessed if we hunger and thirst for righteousness. God is the definition of righteousness. When we begin to realize how faithful and merciful he is, we will begin to see how much his character contrasts with ours and the world around us. We will then begin to long for that character and pursue it... with a hunger.

3. Read Revelations and books on heaven. This will create a longing for the eternal. It will shift your mind from thoughts about you and the worries of the day to God and the things you can be doing to further his kingdom.

4. Meet with someone who gets it... and meet regularly. Find someone who has this thirst for God, or who is at least pursuing it, because its contagious.

5. Go to God first. It's so easy for me to get lonely or have a friend leave me and just go running to call my mom, best friend or aunt's brother's wife's cat and tell them all about it. Yet I leave God out of it. Same goes for victories. I read once of an author who finally finished her first draft of a book and was sooooo excited. She reached for the phone to tell her sister and read some to her when she realized it was three in the morning. So she did something she had never done before; she read it aloud to God. The whole thing. She said it was such a beautiful, transforming moment in her life because she finally realized God wanted to hear it! He was so excited about it just like she was! Why don't we tell God our excitements and celebrate with him?

I hope this helps if this is something you wander about, because trust me, I wonder about it all the dang time.

*You've never said that? Really? Me either...

**This is a list of what I am learning right now in my life. It's not extensive. PLEASE, write a comment below on your thoughts. How do you develop this sort of desperation? What works for you? Do you agree with mine?