prince harry & me

If you're like me at all (and maybe you are seriously hoping you're not) you really enjoy finding fabulous pictures and videos on the internet.* And, I have a few blogger friends who really enjoy this past time, too.

Recently, I saw a friend wondering what Prince Harry is laughing at in this picture:

Well, I would like to resolve this issue and tell you up front what is tickling Harry's fancy.

This a cute picture of him, amongst some rather serious looking gents, smiling at his dear grandmother. Now, some would think, Aww, how cute. He loves his little gran. And, while it's true he does love Her Majesty, this is not the reason he is smiling.

You see, he is smiling because this was right before he was going to tell her that he was proposing... to me. I know, I know. You're thinking, Savannah, I have not heard of your proposal! And that's because, we haven't officially announced yet. We don't want some big grand wedding like Harry's older bro. We want a simple wedding... on the steps of Windsor Castle, with a small intimate crowd of 600, horses to ride off on, a cake the size of me and a flock of doves to be let go when we're pronounced husband and wife.**

So, now that you know what makes Harry stop and slap his knee, you can go about your day in peace.

P.S. I accept wedding gifts from Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond and IKEA.

*because either a) you have no life or b) you saw the video of the swimming koala bear and you are on the hunt for a video that will make you squeal with delight as much as that one did
**Or would it be, "I know pronounce you possible King of England one day if something really bad happens which we hope and pray does not... and wife".... I don't know. I'll work on that.

Enjoy these pictures? Here's another one... try and guess what he is laughing at here.

have a fabulous Wednesday!