"I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person."

It's funny because college is supposed to be the time where you have your planner chalk-full and maybe it's just because it's the second week or because of my living situation or because of my early morning classes this fall but I have found a few hours each day this past week to just be.

And it's been wonderful.

I think we have lost the art and the beauty of being alone. I know I have.

I usually deplore being alone. I still do. Earlier today I was complaining about how much I dislike it to a friend but when you think about it, it should not be something you moan about.

I'm not saying it's good to lock yourself up in your room for days on end just to be alone, but it says a lot about a person who loves them self enough to just be alone.

And maybe the reason we don't like the thought of being alone so much is because that means one word: boring. But it doesn't have to be that way.

As I began to find time to myself, I was kind of bored. But then I realized it was becasue I was sitting around thinking about how alone I was!

So what did I start doing? Whatever peaked my interest.

I read (for actual enjoyment!). I wrote. I baked. I cleaned. I dreamed. I wrote down my dreams. I propped my feet up and sipped lemonade counting the reasons I have to be grateful.

This isn't some dreamland, guys. This isn't a way of life that is unattainable. You know why I got to do those things? Because I resisted the urge to be glued to my phone, check Twitter, get on Facebook or zone out on some other website.

It's beautiful to just be. To realize that you don't have to be everything to everyone. That you can say no to some things that just don't leave room in your life for you to live. That you can take an hour while the kids are watching a movie or your load is in at the laundry mat on campus or your mom fixes dinner to just be. To rest. To rejuvenate. To dream. 

Do you enjoy being alone? What do you like to do to entertain yourself? How important do you think it is to carve out a slither of time to just be? Comment below and let me know.

P.S. Another reason to get away? Jesus spent time to himself too, ya know. 

quote: Oscar Wilde