watching fireworks

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July celebrations! In a spontaneous turn of events, my grandparents came down and stayed the week with us so we got to enjoy our festivities with them.

To watch the fireworks do their thing, we all loaded up in cars and made our way to a small field. But I don't mean "small field" in a "cute little farm small field," I mean "small field" as in to our left were cars coming off an exit ramp, in front of us was an intersection and to our right was a Korean Church... we like to do things in odd ways.

The picture above shows my view. Once the sky turned dark and the clouds floated away, the fireworks began.

They started shooting off, one by one, in an array of colors and the crowd oohed and ahhed. We could hear little kids laughing and squealing with each "boom!" and all you wanted to do was fix your eyes on the magic before you and your ears to the adorable children behind you.

There was just one problem. The stoplight. Because that stoplight you see in the picture was literally right in front of all the fireworks. It was extremely distracting and frustrating. To make my A.D.D. even more prominent, every three minutes you would hear car horns going off and sirens passing by.

It took me a good while to focus off of the change green to yellow to red and focus on the shimmering lights before me.

It reminded me quite a bit of how life can be.

A lot of times there is beauty all around us, but we get too zoned into the stoplight or the car horns. We want to look at the beautiful things---watch children running about, smell the warmth of freshly made coffee, listen to the breeze against the trees---but things get in our way. Life gets in our way.

We get too wrapped up in working out so we look good in our swimsuit or studying so we can pass this class or in the drama that erupted from some miscommunication between friends.

Will we ever just stop? Will we ever just step back and peel our eyes off the gleaming stoplight and onto the booming fireworks?

Oh, but wait. Life is just too busy. That's unrealistic. You're being way too optimistic, Savannah; get your head out of the clouds.

And so we stop looking at the creation our Creator made and start working and wearing ourselves out in the name of our to do list or in serving others.

Sounds a bit like Mary and Martha, doesn't it?

Sounds a bit like Jesus having his feet washed by the tears of a beautiful, misunderstood woman and his friends mocking her.

Sounds a bit like a boy offering his puny amount of food to feed 5,000 people and Jesus' disciples suggesting they just send the crowd home.

Jesus is all about working in the midst of life. He is all about showing up, producing a miracle and creating beauty when we're too busy feeding the baby or making dinner or leading a small group.

Are those things wrong? Of course not. But sometimes we need to let our eyes rest on beautiful things. We need to let ourselves be inspired and see our Creator in new ways. 

So try to find a way today to get your eyes off the stoplight and onto the fireworks. Don't let your distractions steal a moment of experiencing beauty.