limitless horizons and endless frontiers

I am an avid traveler. I love to explore. I love to see new places and experience different lifestyles or cultures. I have a list of places I want to go and historical masterpieces I want to see.

And I plan to see them. I want to see every single one of them by the time I rest my head for the last time.

Isn't it crazy, though, that if I spent every day until the day I died exploring I would never truly see every single place on the face of this planet? I could never cover every square inch of every country, every city, every island, every morsel of land. It's way too much for just one life. Why?

Because the world is an endless frontier.

The same goes for life, and our life here on earth. I think that if I had a thousand lives to live maybe I could experience everything I want to and be all that I dream of. If I went down my list of things I want to do and be in my life it could last two days and we both know that I truly can't be an undercover agent, small business owner and mom of seven kids without my brain exploding.

There is so much I want to do, learn, feel, taste and experience. So much that, for a lot of it, I will never get the chance to experience it all on this side of eternity. Why?

Because life is a limitless horizon.

On the soil we walk and in the time we live each step and each day is simply one small movement forward into this boundary-less woodland. We will never walk the edge of this endless frontier or see the brink of this limitless horizon during our life. It is too vast, too full and too infinite for us to ever get to a point to say, "Alright. I've seen it all, done it all and experienced it all. Guess I can simply stop exploring now. There's really no point."

The aspect of this that is mind-boggling and dumbfounding is the fact that the same goes for God. God is an endless frontier, a limitless horizon and a boundary-less woodland. No man has every fully known Him or seen all He can do. No man can ever say, nor will ever be able to honestly say, "I've seen God do it all. I understand Him now and I can just stop here. There's no point in going further." No! It's impossible for us to see and experience God's greatness fully. "Can anyone hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him?" says the Lord. "Do not I fill heaven and earth?"

God is a vast ocean that has no stopping point. He is giant tree where you climb up from one branch to the other, yet you will never stop climbing because with each ascend up, there is still more to scale.

We cannot, and never should, divvy up God into our own small categories. We can never belittle Him to what we want Him to be or put Him in a box. God should be experienced in whatever our life throws at us because He is omnipresent. He is there in everything that life throws at us. In 1 Kings 8:27 we find this same truth: Behold, the heavens and heaven of heavens [in its most extended compass] cannot contain You; how much less this house that I have built?

Now, we could get depressed at this. We could look at this and think, "Well, that is just down right tiring. It's too much work and too exhausting."

And, dear friends, at times exploring this Limitless Horizon could get exhausting. It can be work. But no adventure comes without a little effort from the adventurer. The glimpses, revelations and holy views we get of our God is like a hiker who treks up a mountain and sees a breathtaking view. And then ventures up further to see the next one. 

And as a holy trekker of God's infinite beauty, we will find overwhelming peace, unconditional grace and supernatural strength to carry us through this life. The journey is well worth it.

It is beautiful. It is a never ending journey. It is worth it.

"Never pitch up your tent. Until you have explored the outer reaches of this endless frontier, never stop your pursuit." -Eric Ludy

image: source 1 verse: Jeremiah 23:24