the in between times...

I snuggled up close to their tiny bodies, listened to them giggle at Despicable Me and soaked it all in.

I listened as she sang her song to the audience of one (me) and said, "Thank you! I'll be back tomorrow night!" in her five-year-old voice with my bracelets wrapped around her tiny wrists.

As we made brownies later that afternoon I found myself taking a mental picture of the image---two goofy kids hyped up on chocolate cloaked in their creation. I wanted to keep the image with me for later times of reflection.

This is the tiny, insignificant moments that make life worth something; that make it beautiful.

Though I am not a mom yet, my worst fear is wishing away these moments and not letting them affect me and warm my heart. Even now as I start getting my bags packed for college I fear I am letting my life pass by too quickly. I'm not soaking in the days where I make waffles with my family or have a movie night with my mom or do Steve Carrel impersonations with my sister.

It's way too easy to get sucked into the busyness of life... it's way too easy to not listen to your three-year-old giggle and squirm as you tickle him. It's convenient to pass on the dinner with friends or family because you've had a long day and want to veg out in front of the T.V. And it's awfully tragic when you find that your three-year-old is now getting his license or your friends and family have become unfamiliar to you and you've missed out on so many "normal days" that you can't truly share with them in the joy of their successes or mourn with them in their worst days.

So be thankful for the in between times. Drown in the ordinary miracles you face each day. Learn to step back and just watch. Remember to snuggle and giggle and make brownies and take that mental picture.

Because life is made up of the in between times. And if we can't enjoy them how can we expect to enjoy the big moments life also brings?

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