dear nana and papa

Dear Nana,

your love for people, God and joy is so beautiful. You inspire me more than you could ever imagine.

I've inherited some things from you, but I wish that I could have more so I could grow up and be the woman you are today.

Your ability to connect with people, mourn with people and laugh with people is supernatural.

You are a blessing to so many and are being used by God to bring joy to the sorrowful and heal the broken hearted.

I love the fact that you greet strangers with a hug and your house is a place where anyone is welcome.

I love you very much.

Dear Papa,

you are one of the most hilarious and helpful men I have ever met.

The fact that you lead nursing homes in worship each Sunday (and have been doing so for over forty years!) is a legacy that will not soon be forgotten.

But even more than that, you are always helping your wife around the house and being her Helper.

I can't wait to see how many things you've done without us noticing once we get to heaven.

You are always reading, always learning, and always watching and you have taught me so much through that.

I love you more than words can express.