Band-Aid healing

Raise your hand if you have scars. If your heart is in need of some healing and you are callused from your past and the hurts that you've experienced.

If you're not currently raising your hand go ahead and raise it for being a hurting person who denies their own pain.

We all are messed up. We all have broken pieces of our heart that we try to make whole with affirmation, people, food, love, or the like. We all need some deep healing. We all need to open up and let God do a miracle in our soul; in our deepest places that even we didn't know about.

There's such beauty in a person who lets God take over and create a truly healed and free soul.

There is such wonder in a person who is open to that. People stop and look at them and are amazed.

Unfortunately, we all don't think we truly need healing or we think we can heal ourselves.

We understand a bit of our hurt and our ugly past and we think, "I'll just get more involved in ministry and that will fix it right up." Sorry guys, but our method of healing is no where as effective as God's jealous, fierce, faithful love.

I was reading Jeremiah 6:13 how we tend to slap on a Band-Aid to our completely broken hearts but it can never do the trick. It's like putting a Band-Aid on someone's broken arm and saying, "You're all better!"

No, just like broken arms, broken hearts take time, medicine, and work to heal.

Thankfully, our medicine is so much better than anything a doctor can prescribe. It's the living Word of our Maker. It is the moments spent in rest, spent in undivided attention to God in prayer. It is dinner with friends creating the community God talks about in the Bible. It is getting helped, if it comes to that.

So let God do a wonder on your heart. Let God take off the Band-Aid and create real healing.

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