"A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying"

I think we all long to live incredible lives. We want to be extraordinary in every possible way; we want to travel to far off places, eat exotic foods, meet intriguing characters and look effortlessly flawless while doing it.

When it comes down to it, our souls thirst for adventure.

My gypsy-like heart can never stay settled in one environment for too long. I was the kid growing up who would switch schools in a minute if given the chance. Once I got the feel of one environment I wanted to be in a new environment with new people and questions to ask.

We like the new because it shakes things up and satisfies the part of our heart that yearns for adventure.

I'm gonna be honest here: when people used to say "Being in a relationship with Jesus is one big adventure" I would get pretty irked at them. For one, I wanted to punch off that little cheesy smile off of their little cheesy face (no bitterness or anything though ;) ) but second, all I knew of Jesus was Sunday school, a pastor speaking for an hour, and repeat. I confined Jesus to my church's walls and the Bible studies I attended and that wasn't really what I thought adventure was supposed to be.

But Jesus wasn't about making him a part of your weekly small group and nothing else. Jesus was, and is, about people and, by golly, people are one heck of an adventure.

Every single person on the face of this planet has a story. They all have unique quirks. They are full of likes and dislikes. They have issues, opinions, and jokes that make them extraordinary. And if you dig deep enough, they have some really interesting stories. True stories. About what they've experienced, how they've been hurt, and why they believe what they believe. Stories that would keep you on the edge of your seat asking, "What happened next?"

And day-to-day life with them is a real adventure. Learning about them and how Jesus has called us to love them is anything but boring.

When I hear the word "adventure" I may instantly think of going on a safari or eating the tongue of a shark*, but the adventure that comes with doing life with people can be as exciting, if not more, than some grand exploration or exotic food.

*I have no idea if people eat the tongues of sharks but if they did I have only this to say, "EW."

quote for title: Bertrand Russell
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