I want to feel it all. Right now.

We've gotten really good at latching up our heart to any emotion. We don't want to feel anything too deeply because if we do what would people say? Would they find me weak? Would they think I'm messed up? Damaged goods? Too much? Not enough?

Our society screams, "Don't feel too much! Don't get into anything too deep! Don't have an actual relationship built on trust and affection, but just have a friendship with benefits so no one comes out getting hurt." Our relationships says if it hurts too much, if it gets too painful, or if we feel the least bit like we're working too hard it's time to call it quits.

But relationships are what we are made for. We are ultimately made for a relationship with our God and, then, people. We were designed to feel emotion and feel it deeply. 

We all know that if we bottle up our anxiety, fear, or stress for too long we'll eventually snap. So why do we keep doing it?

Here's my challenge to you: I want you to live life to its ultimate by experiencing every aspect of it to its fullest. Sometimes the emotion will hit you as you're watching an elderly couple walk hand-in-hand. It may come in the form of a piece of art, film, or even cup of tea. But whatever you do, don't let your mind over ride your heart by saying, "You shouldn't be feeling this much. People might think you're weird." 

Remind your mind that this is what you were created for: to experience everything. All of it. To be swept away by the thrill of life and all its wonder.