you must keep going.

Life and I have a pretty exciting relationship... most of the time. But as of late I've kind of had a lull with life. I don't know if it's senioritis or what, but I feel apathetic to pretty much everything. My passion for quiet time with God has diminished to a quick reading of a verse and bolt out the door to leave to whatever important meeting I find myself in. My vision for how I can show true compassion to others had become a "they'll survive" when I see a friend in a time of need. My drive for Love United has fallen. My love for school... oh wait. Never mind. Never had that.

I find myself in these fallen-out-of-love with life situations at times. Those times when you just want to sit on your couch and do nothing. Those times when nothing in the Bible seems interesting and when your friendships seems to be the same old thing every single time you talk or hang out. I find myself wondering when something life changing will happen to shake up the rut I have going on.

And, the truth is, in pretty much every relationship, job, ministry service---anything we put time and effort into---we will find ourselves in a lull with it. We'll find ourselves wanting to back out last minute cause we just need some "me" time. We'll find ourselves drained and saying, "I just need coffee" when we really just need to get away and re-focus.

But here's the thing I am learning: you must keep going. You might want to pause life but life sure isn't going to stop for you. And guess what? God is not going to stop pursuing you, either.

Do you feel like you're in a rut with God? Well he sure doesn't. He still finds you pretty exciting and longs for you to draw near so you can find him drawing near to you. He longs for you to say, "Okay God, where the heck are we going with this relationship? I know you're all in. I want to be all in. Help me get there." And he probably gets really excited when you start asking tough questions, because it is then when he will begin to show you the trust you must find in him.

Sometimes life is going to drag, but your perspective can change everything. Once you start making your life with God exciting, everything else changes. The conversations you have bring meaning. Your friendships are different. How you look at your job or ministry service takes 180 from how you used to.

I know some days you might not be "feelin' it" but God sure does feel some deep love for you. So lean into that. Bask in that. Don't let your own apathy get in the way of God's extravagant passion for you.