coffee and the word

I'm going to be honest. The Bible has not exactly been very appealing to me as of late.

The past few months I got really caught up in being this great, spiritual "leader" that I forgot investing in my relationship with Christ comes first and completes any leadership I provide.

So I put away the Christian devotional books, took a rain check on listening to podcasts and just got down and  intimate with my Bible.

Well, that lasted all of five minutes.

You see, as much as I like the idea of spending time in God's Word it really is a difficult thing for me. My brain works on A.D.D. mode a lot and it doesn't always want to be quiet and read.

A lot of times I find myself at a crossroad:
Go for a run.... or read the Bible.
Read some Jane Austen.... or the Bible.
Go online.... or read the Bible.
Go shopping..... or read the Bible.
Invite someone to hang out.... or read the Bible.

And more often that not I end up picking the easier way out. The way out that doesn't make me get quiet, dig deep, and really contemplate what God is saying.

I found this video tonight and thought I'd share. Gives a bit of perspective on why we read the Bible and an approach that might be different for a lot of us.

Just click on the link below to watch: