a letter to my future husband

I consider this my first, and maybe last, letter to my future husband.

Oh, I've heard plenty of you guys talk about how you keep entire notebooks full of entries to your future hubbys/wifeys and write to them regularly. I commend you for it. I love the romance, maturity, and discipline you guys exude. I can't imagine being given a stack full of letters at some point in my marriage that were written years before he even knew who I was. That is beautiful that you guys are doing this.

I, though, can't seem to get the hang of writing to my future spouse. The letters tend to go something like this:
Hey... it's me. So.... I really love you. I guess. I pray for you. I wonder what you're like.... Right now I am eating *insert food here*, reading *insert book here* and listen to *insert fabulous band* all the time. What about you? ...........

Yep. That's it. Needless to say I got very bored, very quick so I have stopped the whole letter writing thing. But I decided to try it out, again. So here goes:

Dear future husband,

You're hot.

Your future wife